About Us

It took me a while to realize that I could avoid broken glasses and pans all over the floor if I invited my toddler to bake with me … and that meant I got to bake much, much more frequently.

As we start blogging, Belle is a very inquisitive two year old. She thinks she owns the kitchen, often tries to feed herself, and hates to share – so, standard toddler. But she loves to bake. Belle will take our aprons off their hooks to indicate it’s time to bake, and off we go.

Meanwhile, I’m a stay at home mom for Belle and her little brother Buddy. I’m a scratch baker, a linguist, a writer, a former naval officer, a micropreemie parent, and a jack of all trades that spent a year as a special needs aide. Although Belle is too young for formal schooling, I firmly believe that following her lead in her preferred activity gives me the opportunity to work on developmentally appropriate skills.

This blog occupies an intersection between a homeschooling philosophy, a structured approach to child development, and a family kitchen. We overthink things, but mostly, we just love to eat.