Occupying Belle While I Finish, Part 3

Despite my best efforts, I can’t always keep Belle’s attention with cooking tasks. Sometimes I’m trying to finish a million mini cookies for the church tea and need Belle to stop trying to squish and/or eat the cut-out cookies. And that’s when we turn to alternate ways to occupy her.

Cupcake papers! Or cupcake liners, or whatever you want to call them, usually made of paper, sometimes of foil. I’m going to claim it’s impossible to make a mess with them, but if Buddy’s involved he may try to lick the paper back to a pulp.


  • fine motor
  • sorting/categorization


  • cupcake papers


Toss a stack of cupcake papers at Belle; let her pull them apart and neatly place them around her on the floor. To work on categorization, ask her to sort by color, or add some pastel-ish objects that could match the set of colors in the paper.

Total time: 15-20 minutes

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