Ingredient Exploration: Printable

After our pomegranate exploration, I realized I didn’t do everything I meant to with Belle. There were tons of extension activities I could have done:

  • See if the seeds and skin floated or sank
  • Match the color of the pomegranate with a marker, crayon, or colored pencil (and maybe tried drawing circles)
  • Put some paint on the inside of the skin and test it as a stamp
  • Take some seeds and smash and smear them
  • Talk about the sounds it makes if you shake it, rip it open, and/or bite into it
  • Decide whether the whole fruit is bigger or smaller than an apple, or if the seeds are bigger or smaller than an apple’s seeds (or any other handy object)
  • Break out the kitchen scale and look at the numbers (Belle is a little young to compare decimals if we tried to decide if it or an apple were heavier)
  • See if we can make juice with a mortar and pestle
  • Pretend to feed it to an appropriate toy

To help me remember all I wanted to do next time, I created a worksheet (with a few graphics to help my prereader understand). I’m including it here as a free printable in case you want to explore in the kitchen with your munchkin!

Download here!