Shucking Corn

Today, Belle wanted to cook, but we’re out of brown sugar so most of our baked goods were going to be hard to make. We had corn, though, sweet corn, fresh from our local farm stand. And shucking corn is great for little hands.

Mommy demonstrated how to shuck the corn husks, and Belle went to town.

Skills worked on:

  • following directions (“pull the leaves off then put them in the bag”)
  • fine motor control and strength
  • asking for help (when she wasn’t strong enough)
  • identifying edible vs inedible
  • preparing food!

Equipment needed:

  • stock pot
  • tongs


  1. Shuck corn
  2. Boil water and a handful of salt
  3. Boil corn for several minutes
  4. Use tongs to remove corn and let cool.
  5. Enjoy!